Final Fantasy XVI is almost complete, with a new trailer coming ‘soon’

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Square Enix first announced Final Fantasy XVI back in 2020, and just like many other recent Square Enix titles, many months have gone by without much new information on the game. But according to Naoki Yoshida, the developers have recently finished a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, and the game itself has neared completion. At the time of its announcement, a few specific details about Final Fantasy XVI piqued the interest of fans.

Not only will Yoshida, the acclaimed producer behind Final Fantasy XIV, produce this game as well, rumors suggest that Ryota Suzuki, a designer who worked on games like Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma, may serve as its “battle director.” Considering the sheer quality of Devil May Cry 5’s combat system, Suzuki’s potential involvement could elevate the combat of Final Fantasy XVI by quite a bit.


What more did Yoshida say?

Yoshida revealed the update Final Fantasy XVI news during a live stream that he appeared in alongside Yosuke Saito, the NieR Reincarnation producer. Yoshida mentioned that although various factors led to the developers delaying the new Final Fantasy XVI trailer, they will show it off sometime “soon.” Additionally, he stated that the developers still need more time debugging and polishing Final Fantasy XVI before it can go gold, although the game has come together nicely.

The gaming public hasn’t seen much of Final Fantasy XVI since its 2020 announcement, so fans are likely itching to see what the new trailer will reveal. Judging by Yoshida’s comments, we could see this trailer within the next few months, but of course, we cannot say that for sure. The news that the developers have nearly finished the game will also no doubt please fans, especially those who have sunk countless hours into Final Fantasy XIV. As long as Square Enix’s president does not feel compelled to cram NFTs and blockchain elements into the game, we’re golden.

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