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Where to find Robbie in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

He thankfully doesn't talk like Michael Jackson this time.

Those who played Breath of the Wild will likely remember encountering the quirky scientist Robbie. Residing in the Akkala Lab in eastern Hyrule, Robbie allowed players to craft special Guardian weapons, that could prove quite useful, especially against Guardians and the Blight Ganon bosses. Naturally, Robbie returns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, albeit with a different purpose. You won’t find him at the Akkala Lab this time around, so keep reading if you would like to find out where to find Robbie in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Robbie’s new location in Tears of the Kingdom

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding Robbie this time, as he resides in Lookout Landing, the first location you go to on the surface of Hyrule as part of the main story quest. You can get to Lookout Landing by moving toward the front of Hyrule Castle. Once you see the large tower surrounded by barricades in the distance, that’s where you should go.

At first, Robbie only provides you with flavor text when you talk to him. But after you make progress in Purah’s story quest and activate your first Skyview Tower, you can find Robbie speaking with Josha soon afterward. If you talk to them then, Robbie will tell you to find him in the large gloom-filled chasm located just south of Lookout Landing. Go there and jump down while making sure to paraglide shortly before landing. Make sure you have plenty of Brightbloom Seeds on hand before entering, which you can gather easily in the various caves dotted about.

Tears Of The Kingdom Robbie Depths

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Finding Robbie in the Depths

This likely marks your first visit to the Depths of Hyrule, and it makes for quite an intimidating trek. The whole place is basked in darkness, and the ground is coated in gloom, which can temporarily reduce your maximum health from a single touch. Either toss Brightbloom Seeds or fuse them with arrows to light the way forward.

As soon as you arrive in this area, an NPC will inform you that Robbie darted off somewhere deep within the Depths. This doesn’t exactly make things convenient for you, but luckily, you can spot a few dimly-lit Lightroots that will guide you on the right path. I didn’t do this in my playthrough, but you can set beacons on these Lightroots with your map to make extra sure you don’t get lost.

Lightroots also have the added benefit of emitting a massive light source in the surrounding area when you activate them with an A button prompt. To make things even better, activating one will fully restore any of your maximum hearts that you may have lost to the gloom. Needless to say, you will definitely want to seek these Lightroots out.

To make your journey more complicated, nearly all of the enemies in the Depths come in the form of gloom-coated variants of the enemies on the surface. This means that any attack from them, no matter how small, can sap your maximum heart count. If you really want to take them on, make a manual save so you don’t lose substantial progress if you die. Otherwise, it is best if you simply avoid them. This goes doubly for the gloom-based variants of undead enemies and ChuChus that can pop out at any moment. I generally found that lightly running away from them without consuming stamina through sprinting was enough to avoid them.

What happens when you find him?

Once you get to the Iayusus Lightroot found west of where you entered the chasm, you can spot Robbie standing next to a nearby campfire. At this point, he will activate the camera on your Purah Pad and ask you to take a picture of a mysterious statue, thereby ending this specific story quest. Meet up with Robbie and Josha back at the Lookout Landing to receive your rewards. Afterward, Robbie will tell you that although he intends on moving to the lab near Hateno Village to work on a shrine sensor upgrade, he will stay at Lookout Landing for the time being. We will update this Tears of the Kingdom guide once we find out when Robbie decides to head out.

Tears Of The Kingdom Iayusus Lightroot Map

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