The Witcher 3 is shaping up to be one of the best RPG games of all time. The sheer scope of it is massive and it could be argued that this will be the first truly next gen game.

Not only does the game look fantastic but it is also bursting with content. Whilst speaking with GAME, CD Projekt RED’s Senior Level Designer Peter Gelencser said: “The massive size of the open world, really. I’ve been there, I’m building it, and…it’s good. It’s a lot of content really, we advertised the game to have 100+ hours of gameplay, whomever finishes the game in 100 hours will get a medal because it’s gonna be a speedrun, there’s a lot of content!”

The Witcher 3 will be totally open word and different areas will have different difficulty levels with tough enemies guarding certain items and treasures. Monster hunting will also have different stages such as gathering information on your target by fighting similar enemy types or by reading about them, then tracking the beast, then the small task of killing it.

It seems that as of right now, The Witcher 3 is in the final stages of its development. From now on the creators are concentrating on debugging it, fixing up cutscenes, looking for glitches, and generally making it as refined as possible.

Source: Worlds Factory

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