PC Invasion Podcast #29

This week: Steam’s rapid response crisis unit, AssCreed Egypt in 2017?, freebie Rifts for Kickstarter backers, and our festive gaming habits.

News Bites – October 15

Fallout 4 live action video, create Just Cause 3 launch trailer, NCSoft bringing two classic MMOs to Steam and more…

PC Invasion Podcast #11

This week: Original Sin 2, Fig, Battlefront’s missing campaign, Dota 2 celeb gossip, working for Konami, Hacknet and The Witcher 3.

PC Invasion Podcast #8

This week: Yes, more Star Citizen, Chris Roberts’ travelogue, Geralt’s new movement, the FMV revival, Way of the Samurai 4 and Into the Stars.

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