Battlefield 2042 Specialists

The Specialist System in Battlefield 2042 is getting more meat on the bones, with five new specialists confirmed. And Electronic Arts and DICE have names and details for all.  Your new specialists are Navin Rao, Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza, Emma “Sundance” Rosier, Ji-Soo Paik, and Constantin “Angel” Anghel.

The introduction of specialists brings new customizability to the Battlefield franchise. Typically, players would pick a class to choose certain weapons and equipment. With the introduction of specialists, however, you get more options beyond the typical kit. Your specialist’s gadget and loadout will be customizable, with their Specialty and Trait defining how they operate. The Specialists will replace the class system completely, regardless of prior complaints.


Meet the new specialists of Battlefield 2042

All five of the new specialists have their own unique abilities that can be used to turn the tide of a battle. These features can range from support-based abilities, such as recon, or combat-based ones like taking less damage. Here are the abilities each Specialist possesses:

  • Navin can utilize the Trojan Network, which hacks an enemy. If you kill the hacked enemy, a nearby enemy will be revealed. He can equip the Cyber Warfare Suite, which lets you hack in-world objects and enemy equipment.
  • Santiago has the Blast Resistant trait. This allows you to take less damage and recover faster from explosive damage. The SOB-8 Ballistic Shield allows you to block projectiles.
  • Emma has the Wingsuit, which allows her to travel great distances. Players will have more control flying through the air with this equipped. The Smart Grenade works as an EMP or an anti-armor grenade.
  • Ji-Soo has the Threat Perception trait which tracks any enemies who damage you. The EMG-X Scanner displays the location of any hostile enemies under cover.
  • Constantin has the Trauma Specialist trait, which makes reviving allies faster. The Loadout Crate gadget will provide armor, ammo, and new load-outs to all team members.

These will be the last five Specialists for Battlefield 2042. The game is set to enter Early Access on November 12, following a full release on November 19.

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