Football Manager 2014 update 14.2.1 brings in the New Year

football manager 2014 (7)
More menus than an up-market French restaurant.

Sports Interactive has put out a mini update for Football Manager 2014, complete with a few small fixes for issues which had either cropped up since the last patch or had been hanging around since release.

Nothing particularly huge in this one, although if you favour the Uruguayan leagues you’ll probably be happy to learn that the relegation system should work properly now. Being able to set offers as non-negotiable sounds handy too.

Here’s the change list for patch 14.2.1:

– Improved balance of managerial job & contract offers
– Fixed user being unable to set offers as non-negotiable
– Fixed AI team selections when simulating 2014 start dates
– Fixed 2D Classic pitch in zoomed views
– Fixed Uruguayan relegation system
– Fixed Brazilian foreign & age limitation rules

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