For The King II Announcement

IronOak Games has announced a sequel for its hit 2018 game For The King. This announcement is coming months after the last expansion for the game, which celebrated three million players reached. For The King II is coming to Steam in 2023.

In For The King II, you and a a party of four heroes band together, either online, LAN, or solo. In contrast to the first iteration, which sends you on an adventure to avenge the killed king, your new task is to end the tyrannical reign of the evil queen and defeat chaos in the land of Fahrul.


The sequel announcement for For The King II came in a tweet from the IronOak Games account on Tuesday. The tweet revealed that the queen of Fahrul has turned evil, corrupted by the same chaos that you fought in For The King. You are able to customize your character and class with up to three friends and adventure through an updated Fahrul with increased graphical fidelity. The heroes fight new enemies, as the Queensguard has forsaken the kingdom, siding with the evil queen. You will need to arm your characters with all new weapons and implement strategies not seen in the first game.

For The King II stays true to its roots

IronOak Games confirmed that roguelike elements are making a return in the sequel, as well as turn-based combat. Players can enjoy the campaign plotline and take on side quests, similar to the first game. This should be very reassuring to many players. IronOak Games is still a new independent developer, and its first PC title was For The King. Sticking close to the roots of the original can be a recipe for success when making a sequel.

In the first iteration of For The King, players progress through Fahrul and gather coins that stay with them after the completion of the campaign — or the death of your heroes. These coins can later be used to add weapons to the shop, unlock additional classes and skins, or unlock different encounters in Fahrul that are more favorable to the heroes.

These elements are expected to return in For The King II, as it mentions in the steam description: “From the vast number of character and item combinations to the procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events – the world of Fahrul is always changing and will constantly keep you on your toes!” and, “The more you play, the more you permanently unlock items for your characters.”

Check out the announcement video and look forward to more information as we get closer to the release window.

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