The developers at Big Blue Bubble are ready to bring their latest game to a Foregone conclusion. (Mind the pun — the title is just screaming for it.) The team announced Foregone will be an Epic Games Store exclusive as part of The Game Awards this evening, and it will arrive on Feb. 27, 2020. It appears to be an action game along the lines of Dead Cells, but with a few distinctive touches. In fact, as The Escapist explains in its featureForegone includes elements of Diablo and Dark Souls as well.

What’s Foregone all about?

The game takes place in the “sprawling city of Calagan,” years after a war has devastated what remains of the city. The Harrow has pretty much taken over the place, an unseen force that is seemingly unstoppable. As the city’s remaining Arbiter (and the strongest available), you’ll need to investigate things and attempt to stop whatever the Harrow has to throw at you. This includes both beasts big and small, so you’ve got some work to do to slay them.

Foregone includes some amazing boss battles, which the trailer teases at. But there’s also a much bigger story at play here, one that reveal more about the Harrow.

Damir Slogar, founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble, spoke confidently about the upcoming game. He noted that the team has “worked tirelessly on every detail to produce a game that we’re sure players will appreciate and enjoy.” if it’s along the lines of the amazing Dead Cells, they’re certainly in for a treat.

The game will arrive first on Epic Games Store on Feb. 27, 2020, going for $24.99. It will also release on other platforms during the summertime, though there’s no exact date just yet.

Check out the trailer yourself, and prepare to be Foregone in 2020! (Again, mind the pun. We’ve been working on this all day…)

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