Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields is the latest Kickstarter to succeed on the popular crowd-funding platform. Frostwood Interactive’s upcoming narrative-driven adventure game managed to raise £10,907. That’s just short of $14,000 and enough to not only fund the project but also reach one of its stretch goals. Thanks to this the developer will be able to add a variety of cosmetic bonus outfits for the protagonist, Sid.

The indie adventure game managed to attract 320 total backers over the course of just 30 days. Sole developer Armaan Sandhu commented on the Kickstarter saying they are now motivated to “make the game a special, meaningful experience.”

Forgotten Fields Kickstarter

The story has you play as Sid, a writer struggling for inspiration. A nasty case of writer’s block is hurting Sid’s chances to earn a much-needed book grant. If he can’t come up with a good story by the end of the day, our protagonist will have nothing to show for all his work.

His mother has invited Sid to a small party back at the house he grew up in. He is reluctant to go but musters up the courage to fulfill his family obligations. Here he’ll have to come face to face with his old memories and seek out inspiration in his past.

Forgotten Fields isn’t Armaan Sandhu’s first venture into the narrative, adventure sub-genre. The ambitious indie developer previously worked on Rainswept, an emotive tale centered around a mysterious murder case. To Frostwood Interactive’s credit, Rainswept currently sits at “Very Positive” on Steam with the majority of players enjoying their time with it.

If you reckon Forgotten Fields sounds like a game you’d enjoy, be sure to check out the demo on Steam. Also, you can add it to your Steam wishlist to make sure you don’t miss any major updates. If all goes to plan, Forgotten Fields is set to release on December 31.

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