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Don’t accidentally crash into that logo.

Congratulations, Into the Stars, you are the first Kickstarter of 2015 I’m going to be writing about. Billed as a first-person, single player space adventure, Into the Stars is name-checking FTL and Oregon Trail as influences.

Not bad choices, considering the former was a major Kickstarter success story and the latter is an enduring classic.

The game’s development team is primarily comprised of former DICE employees (Ben Jones, Alden Filion, Marc Janas,) alongside Roy Orr who worked on Shadows of the Damned.

Composer Jack Wall is also involved, which may well be a draw for those who enjoyed his scores for the Mass Effect series.

In your search for a new home, you’ll be managing both crew and ship systems, choosing which of the 90 zones to next point your spaceship at, engaging in what appears to be turn-based combat, and making choices about how to preserve and maintain your resources.

It also sounds like you’ll be relentlessly pursued by the aliens who destroyed the homeworld, forcing you to keep moving. That part sounds a little bit Battlestar Galactica.

Fugitive Games is looking for $85,000 USD to get Into the Stars going, with the usual range of donation tiers and respective rewards (official soundtracks, the chance to design an in-game encounter and the like.) $15.00 USD is what you’d need to pledge to ultimately receive a copy of the game.

Here’s the pitch trailer:

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