Forspoken: How to beat Tanta Prav – Boss guide

Forspoken How To Beat Tanta Prav Boss Guide Blue Magic Water Spells
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Tanta Prav is second major boss that you’ll face in Forspoken. This paragon of justice has been corrupted, and she’ll put you on trial to test your mettle. Here’s our Forspoken Tanta Prav boss guide to help you beat this opponent to acquire the Blue Magic Water Spells.

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Forspoken boss guide: How to beat Tanta Prav

The Tanta Prav boss fight in Forspoken takes place during Chapter 8. After obtaining resin from Ballow Trees, you’ll encounter several of Prav’s cronies. Then, you’ll be led to a watery arena.

Phase 1

The first phase of the Tanta Prav boss fight in Forspoken isn’t against the sorceress herself. Instead, you’ll face three waves of hostiles, including various spectral soldiers, animals, and elites. Try not to use up too many of your potions here since you’re going to need them in a while.

Phase 2

The actual battle against Tanta Prav will commence once you’ve defeated all sets of mobs. The boss has the following abilities:

  • Icicle Shards – Creates several icicles that travel along the ground.
  • Water Beam – Charges for a couple of seconds before blasting you with a beam.
  • Swirling Swarm – This is somewhat of a transition moment, wherein the boss will float in mid-air and surround herself with a bubble. If you’ve already unlocked Blast Slice, then you can throw the flaming spear for decent damage. Alternatively, you can use Shot instead.
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At roughly 60% HP, Prav will switch to a transition phase. You can still damage her, but this part is mostly about avoiding environmental hazards:

  • Icicle Rain – The tell for this is that your camera will pan to the ceiling of the arena. A few seconds later, numerous icicles will rain down all over the place.
  • Icicle Spike – For this one, Prav will move to the middle of the arena, which will also cause multiple icicles to emerge and rip apart anyone in the center.
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Phase 3

After dropping almost the entirety of the boss’ HP, you’ll begin the last phase of the Tanta Prav boss fight in Forspoken. You’ll notice that the arena is filled with water, though there are a few floating platforms.

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Prav will retain some of her abilities like Water Beam, and she’ll gain a couple of new ones:

  • Bubble Burst – This occurs at the start of the phase. Frey will be encased in a bubble. The only way to escape is by hitting all the other bubble bombs that are floating toward you.
  • Water Cannon – When you see several water orbs forming, it’s time to go away from the ledges and jump into the water. After a few seconds, multiple water cannons will blast the nearby areas.
  • Cold Snap – If you hear Cuff say that you need to move away from the water, do just that and swim to any ledge. Shortly thereafter, your surroundings will freeze and you’ll take a lot of damage unless you’re on a ledge.

Once you beat Tanta Prav in Forspoken, she’ll succumb to her injuries and drown. She’ll leave her own accessory behind, giving you access to Blue Magic, the skill tree with Water Spells. You can learn more in our best Water Spells guide.

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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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