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The expression “get rich or die trying” is a perfect way to sum up bounty hunting in Fortnite. Players have been enjoying this PvP hunting mechanic for several seasons now. Aside from it being fun to hunt down enemies that know they have targets on their backs, there’s also a monetary reward for successfully completing bounty contracts. Players can receive 150 gold bars by successfully killing targets or remaining elusive for the duration of the hunt. It used to be easier to get these bounties since NPCs used to offer them. However, travelling to bounties board locations are the only way to start these special challenges in Season 7 of Fortnite.

What also hasn’t gotten any easier is having enough gold bars to spend during matches. There are plenty of ways to blow your cash, like using vending machines, getting Exotic weapons/items from NPC venders, and using weapon upgrade benches. Seeing as bounty hunting can be lucrative in Fortnite, you might as well keep these bounty board locations in mind while you play through Season 7.


All bounty board locations in Season 7

There are quite a few more bounty boards in Fortnite for Season 7. This is likely to offset the lack of NPCs that offer these challenges now. Keep in mind that you will see a circle icon show up on your HUD when you get near these boards.

Fortnite Season 7 Bounty Board Locations Map Hunting

Not all of these bounty boards are obvious though. Even with the provided locations, you might struggle to find them for the first time. Here is a quick rundown for each, starting from top to bottom on the map.

The first location is in a small boat house north of Coral Castle. The next is at the radio tower on the mountain north of the Apple Orchard. You can also find one in the barn at the Apple Orchard.

Look in the parking deck of the large building across from the hotel at Believer Beach to find another. Remember that modern house on the cliff at the west end of the map where Reaper used to hang out? You’ll find one in there too. The ground floor of a building at the north end of Boney Burbs houses another Bounty Board. You can find another inside the south building at Dirty Docks.

There’s a cabin by the river on the northwest end of Weeping Woods. Look in the secret basement hideout to find the Bounty Board there. The one at Catty Corner is right out in the open of the scrap yard.

Over at Slurpy Swamp, there’s a building overlooking the swamp on the south side. Just look inside the building on the ground floor. A Bounty Board can also be found at the Hydroelectric Plant below the damn. Look in the office rooms. Over at Misty Meadows, there’s an easy-to-see Bounty Board on the pier by the lake. The last one is at the south island named Camp Cod. Look in the abandoned buildings on the east shore.

For more info on Season 7 changes, Quests, mechanics, and more, check out our guides and features hub.

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