Fortnite Crew Save The World

Fortnite Crew subscribers are about to get another perk. Epic Games announced today that starting in May, all Fortnite Crew members will receive permanent access to the battle royale’s Save the World mode. In addition to the new perk, the subscription service will also provide its monthly Outfit bundle and a new special offer.

Any Fortnite Crew subscribers who don’t already own Save the World will automatically receive the PvE mode in May. Once you have it, the mode is yours to keep, even if you cancel your Fortnite Crew membership. The perk begins at 8 PM ET on April 30.


For those who are unfamiliar, the Save the World campaign puts players in into a cooperative match against monsters. Team members can craft weapons, build forts, and do whatever it takes to survive and save the planet. Currently, the Save the World campaign pack comes with a Robo-Ray hero and outfit.

The new month also brings a new freebie pack for Fortnite Crew. May features Deimos, a “skeletal soul-snatcher” in both the battle royale and Save the World. The Deimos Outfit comes in black and red and black and green. Plus, subscribers also receive the Sorrow’s Edge Back Bling, the Sorrow’s Reach Pickaxe, and the Doomed Echo Wrap. Finally, there’s the Skull Stalker Loading Screen, which features Deimos in a black and gray outfit with a red mask perching atop a building. Graffiti art covered a red background.

Fortnite Crew Deimos

More perks coming to Fortnite Crew

In addition to Save the World and Deimos, Epic Games is currently running a Spotify deal for Fortnite Crew. The deal, which runs from April 22 to June 30, gives Fortnite Crew subscribers a code to get the first three months of Spotify Premium for free. Note that this only works for Spotify users who have not yet done any Premium trial. Beyond that, Epic teased that it has a “special Fortnite Crew bonus” in store for every Tuesday in May.

Fans had an inking that Fortnite Crew benefits would expand. A leaked survey last month seemed to feature a few potential perks, including bundles with streaming services and cosmetics for other games. Save the World did make an appearance on the survey, so this could be only the start of a brand new benefits system for Fortnite Crew.

Deimos arrives in Fortnite Crew on April 30. For now, new members can still nab the April pack, including the Alli Outfit.

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