Fortnite Impossible Escape Limited Time Mode

The developers at Epic Games are no strangers to introducing limited-time game modes into Fortnite. If you are looking for a Fortnite experience that is a little different, then the new co-op escape mode may be for you. A new limited-time mode has arrived in Fortnite known as Impossible Escape, and there is a PvP and a PvE way to play.

In the limited-time game mode, you and 15 other players find yourselves stranded on the Fortnite island. Your objective is to escape the island using a helicopter. There are a total of three helicopters around the map which you have to repair and use to escape. Every player will spawn alone, meaning you will have to find some other players to team up with first. Following this, you will need to explore the island in order to find the four missing parts needed to repair one of the helicopters. Notably, there will be various threats on the island such as wolves and raptors that will try hinder your escape.

If you fancy taking on the PvP mode, you will also have to go against enemy squads who can kill you. In addition, this version only has one helicopter, so being the first to escape is the key to victory.

Earn rewards with the Impossible Escape limited-time mode

The Fortnite Impossible Escape limited-time mode definitely provides a unique way to play. For your efforts, there will be rewards if you manage to successfully escape. If your squad escapes the PvE version, you will unlock the Impossible Odds loading screen. Coming out victorious in the PvP version of the mode will yield the Escapist Umbrella glider.

Epic Games stated that the Impossible Escape will only be available until May 25. Therefore, you will not have long to jump into the action and earn some rewards.

Fortnite Impossible Escape Limited Time Mode

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