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Some people call Fortnite one of the greatest crossover opportunities in gaming, while others see it as just one massive cash grab full of ads for other franchises. Either perspective could certainly be argued, but sometimes it’s just fun to play as your favorite characters. One thing that nobody can deny though, is Fortnite‘s variety of player appearance options. It has Marvel, DC, Borderlands, John Wick, and of course, Star Wars. Last year around this time, the game released cosmetics themed after The Rise of Skywalker film. This year, it appears that characters from The Mandalorian will join Fortnite. If the leak is correct, that is.

Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi spilled the space beans with an image of Mando himself along with ‘Baby Yoda’ in his iconic hover carriage. There are two other skins in the background along with the familiar Fortnite banner which tops off the image. One could speculate that the Mandalorian will appear as a premium skin sometime in the next season of Fortnite. Alternately, he could come with the Battle Pass itself. That’s what the leak suggests at least. And what’s to stop a Star Wars-themed season from happening at this point?


The saga continues in unexpected ways

There are already several Star Wars skins in Fortnite, so more content isn’t out of the question. If anything, it seems expected. Disney gave the go-ahead for last season’s massive Nexus War event. Perhaps we will see something interesting unfold for the Star Wars universe next. The Mandalorian is supposed to link the original trilogy to the sequel trilogy, so we might see the Galactic Empire or First Order up to something in Fortnite. Much like how Mythic weapons appeared around the map in the previous seasons, we could see lightsabers and blasters wieldable once again.

The next season of Fortnite begins on December 2, so we should learn more about what’s in store soon. If it does result in a Star Wars-themed season, you’ll be happy to know that any Fortnite purchases will award you with a free two-month trial of Disney+ to try. That makes it perfect for jumping into something like The Mandalorian if you haven’t seen the latest season yet. Epic also plans to introduce monthly subscriptions to Fortnite for exclusive content and instant Battle Pass access.

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