Fortnite Battle Royale friendly fire is now disabled as Epic experiments

Fortnite Battle Royale friendly fire is now disabled as Epic experiments

Epic has made a big decision by now removing friendly fire from Fortnite Battle Royale.

Team killing is always a pain but it does make players think carefully about their actions and tactics. When it happens on purpose it can be rage inducing. Although this new friendly fire rule has been activated today, it could be reversed depending on how it affects the game. If this doesn’t work Epic will look at “other methods” to reduce team killing.

This friendly fire change is being hotfixed and there is no client update required. The statement from Epic reads:

We’ve received a lot of feedback on this subject, and it’s something we’ve been watching closely. Today we’re making a change in an attempt to reduce team killing in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Starting immediately, we’re going to disable friendly fire. This change will not require a client update.

We understand that when players abuse friendly fire it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. However, we also recognize that friendly fire encourages thoughtful play and careful tactics. The impact of this change will be closely monitored, and in the case that those tactics are too negatively affected we may evaluate other methods of reducing team killing.

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