Fortnite Hand Cannon Gameplay Update Pistol

Fortnite has featured countless weapons and items over the years, with unique and sometimes overpowered mechanics. Epic does this intentionally from time to time in order to shakeup the gameplay formula. One thing that has become more evident over time is the push to curb the advantages of building champs in standard matches. After all, Fortnite is as much a shooter as it is a building competition. Last season, Flame Bows were the obvious choice for countering turbo builders. This season, the Plasma Cannon will be the best way to deal with builders in Fortnite.

The latest update to the game added this weapon into rare and IO chests, but you can craft it as well. To do so, you’ll need a gold pistol and a scavenged Alien Nanite upgrade material. The Plasma Cannon isn’t easy to create, but at least Epic thought to include the option. Getting it might be worth the hassle, though, because it is powerful.


If your building skills don’t live up to champion status, the Plasma Cannon will allow you to even the playing field against those that prefer to turtle up in boxes and play like there’s a million dollars on the line. The Plasma Cannon fires large, but slow moving, electrical charges that will bulldoze any structures in the way. It’s a great way to expose enemies. They will take some damage and get knocked back after coming into contact with the plasma charges.

With so much power comes a cost, though. The Plasma Cannon can only fire five shots before it’s empty. You’ll need to charge each shot as well. Additionally, you can overcome the slow firing rate by using multiple Plasma Cannons if you can find them.

Look, in the sky, it’s a…

Aside from the Plasma Cannon, there’s a new UFO in Fortnite that appears to have a different purpose. The IO reports that it may not be hostile. You can spot it above The Aftermath location. Seeing as each season has a progressive narrative, we’re sure to find out more about this craft’s exact purpose soon.

Aside from the reveal, the patch notes also indicate that the Plasma Cannon is not in the competitive Fortnite playlists, but the Inflate-A-Bull now is.

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