Fortnite Research Books Holly Hedges Pleasant Park

Although the majority of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 8 challenges are quite straightforward, there is one that is more complex. One challenge tasks you with finding research books in Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park in Fortnite. However, once you know where to look, the challenge is relatively easy to complete.

The quest directs you to visit Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park to collect the research books. However, it is recommended that you visit Holly Hedges first as this is the area with the most research books. All of the Fortnite research books that you are looking for will be found inside buildings.


Finding research books at Fortnite‘s Holly Hedges

There are a total of five research books that can be found at Holly Hedges. You will find one on the ground floor of the yellow house to the northwest of the point of interest. Next, you will have to visit the brown house in the northeast corner to find the research book near the garage. There is another brown house to the south which has a research book sample on the ground floor. Not too far away, the tall building to the southeast of Holly Hedges has a research book in the living room. Finally, you can make your way to the ground floor of the blue house to the west of the point of interest.

Fortnite Research Books Holly Hedges

Research books in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park has three research books scattered around. The first is located in the house to the very north of Pleasant Park. Once inside, you will find the research book in the dining room area. Following this, visiting the green house at the southwest corner and making your way to the dining room will allow you to find another research book. The final building is the white house on the same row as the green house. You will find the research book next to a bookcase and in front of a sofa.

Once you have grabbed all eight Fortnite research books, you will be be rewarded with 24,000 XP for your efforts. If you are trying to boost your battle pass further, there is still time to complete the Spire Quests.

Fortnite Research Books Pleasant Park

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