Fortnite Season 8 Exotic Weapon Locations

Fortnite Season 8 has arrived, hailing the return of Kevin the cube. If you are a Fortnite fan, you will be familiar with the cube, but also with exotic weapons. Ever since Fortnite Season 5, they have been powerful weapons to add to your arsenal. To purchase an exotic weapon from an NPC, you will need to acquire enough gold bars. You can do this by completing quests, bounty contracts, and more. This guide will show you the location of each exotic weapon and their price, along with their abilities.

For now, Epic Games has not introduced new exotic weapons, as they have all appeared in the rotation previously. However, some fan favorites are kicking off Season 8 and more could be added to Fortnite as the season progresses.


Exotic weapon locations in Fortnite Season 8

First up is the Dragon’s Breath Sniper. This powerful rifle deals 116 damage, thanks to the fire that is produces when you hit an enemy. You can purchase it from the NPC who resides northeast of Boney Burbs. Pitstop will give you the Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle in exchange for 500 gold bars. Next, the Shadow Tracker is a suppressed pistol. Hitting an enemy with this gun will result in them being marked for a short time. In addition, your squad mates will also be able to see the marked opponent’s position. Visiting Dusk in the mountains, which are to the west of Lazy Lake, will give you the opportunity to acquire the Shadow Tracker pistol for 400 gold bars.

Finally, the Chug Cannon exotic weapon is available to purchase with gold bars in Season 8. Firing this at yourself and your team mates will give a small boost to your health. To get your hands on this weapon, you can pay a visit to The Brat NPC. This is the hotdog NPC who stands outside of the Fork Knife Food Truck to the north of Lazy Lake. It will cost 600 gold bars to add this weapon to your inventory.

Fortnite Season 8 Exotic Weapons

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