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A new update has been rolled out into Fortnite Season 7. The alien parasite eggs have continued to spread throughout the map and the IO guards are continuing to assemble. The situation is definitely becoming more tense as the season continues to progress. Fortnite patch v17.20 has rolled out the highly anticipated preferred item slot feature and made some bug fixes.

Starting from now, you can finally sort your loot into designated slots. Begin by navigating to the game tab of the settings menu. Then, you will be able to choose what slots you want your loot to be placed into once picked up. The order of the default inventory is assault rifle in the first slot and shotguns in the second. Slots three and four are unassigned, and the final slot is reserved for consumables. However, to organize your weapons to fit your play style, all you have to do it select the configure option and toggle the slot to the weapon you want.


Squashing bugs in the Fortnite v17.20 patch

As well as this, Epic Games has made some important bug fixes. You may have noticed that ziplines have been disabled for some time. Since the issue that caused them to be disabled has been fixed, you can now make use of them once again. Similarly, vendor rifts have been re-enabled following an issue. In terms of weapons, a fix has been deployed for the bug that caused loot to be automatically equipped when picking it up. Additionally, a problem has been repaired which caused the hold inventory button crafting menu shortcut to not work.

Finally, for fans of the competitive side of Fortnite, Bugha is the latest skin to join the Icon Series. The skin to celebrate the Fortnite World Champion comes with the Fortnite World Cup as back bling, a celebration dance emote, and more.

Fortnite Patch preferred item slots

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