From Space Co Op Shooter Release Date September

‘Family-friendly’ shooter From Space gets a late September release date

Repel the invaders.

From Space, a “family-friendly” twin-stick shooter from publisher Curve Games and developer Triangle Studios, has been confirmed for a release date. The game launches for both Steam and Stadia on the same date of September 29.

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The game is a solo and co-op twin-stick shooter, though clearly the major draw here is going to be the co-op. As a result of its all-ages aesthetic, From Space should make it an accessible title for a family gathering. I can imagine this playing very well on the Steam Deck, if you are lucky enough to have gotten your hands on one of those.


Cute apocalypse

Visually, From Space is quite charming with its bobble-headed characters and the neon color palette of the enemies. It is reminiscent of Alien Swarm if it had been made for a younger audience.

The gameplay looks decently engaging with a variety of characters and weapons to choose. The family-friendly art style shouldn’t mean a dumbed-down game. Rocket launchers, mini-guns, and flamethrowers will all make and appearance in From Space. You know, the essentials.

There will be a variety of unique character abilities to choose from, and synergizing with your teammates will be key. The revive mechanic shown in the trailer is a welcome addition to any co-op experience. You’ll also be able to level up your character as go along, gaining new perks that will aid in your alien hunting.

All in all, From Space is shaping up to be a cute co-op experience that will be great for vibing with your friends or family on a weeknight. Having the game release September 29 is perfect, as it’ll land right before Halloween and just far away from the deep waters of the “holiday” release window. And with a release on Steam and Stadia, From Space has covered all the S-based platforms PC players crave.

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