July 21st, 2017

Frostivus is coming: Dota 2 patch removes Skeleton King

Dota 2 - Screenshot Taking
But now it just goes from Silencer straight to Skywrath. It’s very sad.

Well, here’s a bizarre one for you. The latest Dota 2 patch has… removed a hero. Specifically, it’s removed Skeleton King. Specifically, it’s for “pressing ceremonial reasons.” This is the only patch note. Assuming Valve aren’t big liars, this patch does literally nothing else.

One would assume that this has something to do with the impending Frostivus celebration (or Greeviling, if things go as horribly wrong as last year). Tell me, people who were present for Dota 2 last year: does Skeleton King have some sort of special significance to this holiday? Is he Dota‘s magic Santa Claus, bringing presents of GIANT SWORDS to all the good heroes and heroines? Will he be visually redesigned and pop up in some big and meaningful way? Is this actually just that he’s incredibly bugged right now and I hadn’t noticed? I am confused. Enlighten me.

Update: Also, I am a silly. Dota 2‘s Frostivus page has been updated with text reading: “By decree of the only king that matters, FROSTIVUS IS CANCELLED.” So I guess my headline is wrong. It’s not coming after all.

That said, this isn’t a big surprise. It was cancelled last year for the Greeviling, as mentioned above. I guess this year we’ll be getting something similar!

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  • Comments: 6
    • Ethan Chesnutt

      Honestly, people… If you have read Queen of Pain’s lore, you would know that she killed her king. Skeleton King is dead. on the first day of Frostivus page https://www.dota2.com/frostivus2013/day1/ , the top corners where cookoo clocks come out have Skeleton King and Queen of Pain. Do the math.

    • Escofet

      oh my god guy…can’t you read between the line. By decree of the only KING that matters, FROSTIVUS IS CANCELLED.
      Key word…king ..that is now missing….the skeleton king… they have something planned…may we have to save him or fight him…i’m up for something new.

      • kail

        how bout sandking?

      • Frank Smith

        Skeleton King has returned as Wraith-Night.

        But why was it replaced in the first place. I liked the old Skeleton King.

        “Removed for pressing ceremonial reasons” does not quite cut it for me…

        Oh well we will find out hopefully soon… 🙂

    • Nova Noooovaaa

      ^^ -.-

      + Skeleton removed, nooooooooooo
      no more 4 rapiers on 1 hero :((

    • Jo

      Come on Tim, get in the game!