The Game Awards festival is now live on Steam, offers tons of demos

Steam Game Awards Festival Demos

Last year’s The Game Awards show brought with it a sale on Steam of the featured titles as well as a handful of demos. This year’s show is shaping up to be all that and even more. The Game Awards festival is now live on Steam, and brings with it a longer run-time and even more demos for games before they release next year.

Today marked the beginning of the Steam’s The Game Awards festival, which will run until December 14. During that time, you will assumedly have access to sales for some of the games featured during The Game Awards, much like last year. However, those deals aren’t available just yet, most likely on account of the winners not being revealed at this time. Even so there are more than enough games to check out right now, all available in the form of free demos.


A gaming grab-bag

Steam users can try out a total of 10 different demos right now, courtesy of The Game Awards festival. They are Little Nightmares 2GravenEcho GenerationSong of IronOlijaGuinea Pig ParkourAnno: MutationemAmiSelfloss, and A Juggler’s Tale. It’s a more than diverse spread of titles that Steam users will have the chance to try out at no charge.

That being said, there are two games here that stand out amongst the crowd: Guinea Pig Parkour and A Juggler’s Tale. The first has players playing as a hand-drawn, over-caffeinated guinea pig running, jumping, and flailing to get its next cup of joe. The game’s art style is beyond delightful, and its development has been cataloged on its Twitter pageA Juggler’s Tale is another title with a gorgeous art style centered around puppetry. The game combines that theme with physics puzzles involving the thin strings animating your character. Players will have to solve puzzles and riddles in this unique title.

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