Genshin Impact co-op hack explained, Dev takes action with recent patch

Genshin Impact Kaveh
Image: HoYoverse

Since the game’s release, Genshin Impact has been in the spotlight for several bug exploits and new hacks. A new Co-op hack using the four-star Dendro character Kaveh and a third-party plug-in has been making the rounds on the Genshin Impact online forums over the last several days.

The hack allegedly could delete important objects permanently from other players’ worlds through the Co-Op system of the game. Recently, the developer of the game, HoYoverse, turned to Twitter to address the ongoing situation and explained the measures taken by the developer to mitigate the losses of the affected players. 

Genshin Impact Hack Explained

The exploit, which is now known as the ‘Kaveh Hack,’ was discovered when Chinese gamers began posting and complaining that their in-game objects, such as Statues of the Seven, Elemental Totems, and other items, had been irretrievably removed from the game. To make matters worse, some users reported that objects cannot be returned to the game once deleted. Restarting the game or logging in on a different platform did not fix the problem.

A post from u/AntonioS3 on the Genshin Impact’s official Reddit community, r/Genshin_Impact, reads, “It is actually an account-wide bug and not just client because later in the video he logins with his cloud account to check, and they are still not there, meaning that his world/account has been bricked and unable to get 100%.”

The official Genshin Impact Discord server moderators also sent out a message to the community to refrain from using the game’s Co-Op feature with any unknown player until the issue gets resolved.

HoYoverse has already released a new patch to solve the issue

HoYoverse is well known for taking prompt action against hacking and bug exploitation in its games. In this case, as well, it did not take much time for the developer to address the hack issue by releasing a new patch to solve the situation.

In its statement via Twitter, HoYoverse confirmed that “The relevant issues have been fixed on August 25. By August 26, our developers had fixed the accounts of the Travelers who encountered this error and contacted Customer Service for assistance…To maintain fair play and protect the rights of Travelers, we have banned accounts using these plug-ins and will take legal action against developers, users, and disseminators of such plug-ins.”

The developer further stated that a small number of Genshin Impact accounts affected by the Co-op hack have not been restored yet. However, they are diligently working to fix the issue in a future update completely, and all the affected travelers will be notified via in-game mail. HoYoverse has requested users to contact them via their Customer Support email if they have faced a similar issue with “the detailed location of the item in question.” 

The developer of Genshin Impact concluded its statement by issuing a strict warning to anyone who breaches the “Terms of Service” of the game. It has also called upon the players to boycott “plug-ins, third-party tools, and other unethical behavior to maintain a fair and friendly game environment together.” Through their quick action, the developer has proved its zero-tolerance policy towards unwanted exploitation in the game. 

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, mobile, and console platforms. Download the game from its official website.