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Everybody loves food, and you’ve got all these options to cook in Genshin Impact as well. Many of the ingredients and recipes are used to buff and heal your party too. Here’s our cooking guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact: Cooking, ingredients, and healing items

Barring any other instances or using skills, there are two main ways to fully heal your characters in Genshin Impact. The first one, as mentioned in our beginner’s guide, is via Statues of the Seven.

Interacting with a statue lets you restore your party’s HP. The healing power of statues gets depleted whenever you do this, though this is still replenished over time.

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The other method which is reliable and won’t necessarily mean fast traveling back and forth areas is none other than cooking. This can be done in towns when you find a cooking pot or furnace, or while adventuring in the wild if you happen to find a campsite with a cooking pot.

For the latter, you’re going to have to light a fire using Pyro skills. Make sure you have a particular character that can do that.

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Once you open the cooking menu, you’ll see all the recipes that you can cook. You can also learn any recipes you may have discovered during your journey from this screen.

Anyway, here are some examples of early-game cooking recipes in Genshin Impact:

Food/Recipe Ingredients Effects
Chicken-Mushroom Skewer 1x mushroom, 1x fowl Restores 8-10% of max HP and an additional 800-1,200 HP
Steak 2x raw meat Revives character; restores 50-150 HP
Teyvat Fried Egg 1x bird egg Revives character; restores 50-150 HP
Radish Veggie Soup 1x radish; 1x mint Restores 8-10% of max HP and regens 210-300 HP for the next few seconds

Check out if there are characters who have bonuses applied. For instance, Amber has a chance to obtain new dishes when she cooks Steak. Meanwhile, Xiangling can gain extra food if she can “perfectly” cook dishes that boost ATK.

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Perfect cooking and proficiency

When you’re not an expert in cooking a particular recipe in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to play a minigame. A gauge will appear and you need to click on “stop” once the pointer reaches the “sweet spot.” Doing so means you cooked a dish “perfectly.” Clicking on the other lighter-shaded areas will still lead to success, but you want to hit the “sweet spot/perfect status” all the time.

By getting a perfect score, you can boost your proficiency when cooking each recipe faster. Once you’ve maxed out your proficiency for any food, the minigame will be gone and cooking that item will be done automatically.

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Acquiring ingredients

All the ingredients you need when cooking in Genshin Impact can be discovered in the wild. Fruits, vegetables, and other herbs can be found growing from trees and grasslands. As for meat, this is found by capturing smaller critters (i.e., insects or fish) and hitting the “F” key. For other animals (i.e., boars, foxes, birds, and the like), you’ll need to attack them. It’s better to use ranged weaponry like bows to take them out from afar since they quickly run away if you get too close.

Alternatively, you can speed up the process by buying some of these ingredients in the general goods stores in Genshin Impact‘s main hubs in Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor. You can also purchase food items directly from any restaurant or cook NPC.

Note: You can find all the food you’ve cooked as well as ingredients in your inventory -> food tab.

Last but not least, you can process certain raw materials and turn them into food or ingredients. You do this by finding a restaurant/cooking area in town. There’s a tab that lets you process items (with particular requirements). There’s a set duration for each item, so you can just come back later once the whole thing is done.


Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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