Genshin Impact Kabayama Sitting Stones Lanterns Puzzle Locations

The region of Enkanomiya is filled with many secrets. One of these happens to be the specter of Kabayama. He’ll provide you with a task that doesn’t even appear in your quest tab. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Kabayama sitting stones and lantern locations.

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Genshin Impact Kabayama sitting stones and lanterns guide

First, make sure that Evernight is active since this is the only time that shades will be visible in Enkanomiya. Next, choose the eastern fast travel point in Dainichi Mikoshi and look at the northeastern face of the shrine’s walls. You should see an opening there (i.e., there’s a locked chest surrounded by several Hydro totems if you need a landmark).

Pass through the opening and go to the end of the corridor to find a dark grey stone. Press “F” to sit on it, causing the specter of Kabayama to appear. He tells you that there are three other similar-looking spots in Enkanomiya.

This task won’t even appear as a sidequest, but that’s fine. All right, let’s go ahead and look for the Kabayama sitting stones and lanterns in Genshin Impact.

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The Narrows

This Kabayama sitting stone is northwest of the central fast travel point. You’ll see it at the top of the hill’s slope.

Genshin Impact Kabayama Sitting Stones Lanterns Puzzle Locations 1

Evernight Temple

Use the central fast travel point and glide southwest. Across the gap, you’ll see a tree with a lantern. The stone slab is underneath that. You might need to eliminate the nearby Abyss Mages just so you could interact with these objects.

Genshin Impact Kabayama Sitting Stones Lanterns Puzzle Locations 2

The Serpent’s Heart

Simply use the central teleporter and look north. The Kabayama stone slab and lantern are next to it.

Genshin Impact Kabayama Sitting Stones Lanterns Puzzle Locations 3

Once you’ve found all three — making sure that Paimon has commented while you were at each location — then Paimon will also tell you to return to Kabayama. He’ll ask you a couple of questions before departing.

This will cause a Precious Chest to spawn. Likewise, you’ll unlock the What Difference Does This Make achievement in Genshin Impact.

Gen Pct Enksec 7kbm 2

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