Genshin Impact: Mysterious Conch and Takashi treasure chests guide

Genshin Impact Takashi Treasure Chest Mysterious Conch Bag Of Flower Seeds Guide

Your exploits in Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma region will likely lead you to Kannazuka that has the Kujou Encampment and Tatarasuna. North of Tatarasuna is a shoreline with a rather peculiar sight: a giant conch that’s also a house. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Mysterious Conch and Takashi’s treasure chests.

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Genshin Impact – Mysterious Conch and the treasure chests of Takashi guide

If you’re roaming around the beach, you’ll find little sparkles on the sand. Interacting with these will net you various items such as Mysterious Conches. As far as I know, the first day you visit this area, you’ll discover at least nine of these lying around. Then, in subsequent days, you’ll only find a maximum of three (the sparkles you can interact with do respawn).

If you go inside the large conch house, you’ll find an NPC by the name of Takashi. No one really knows why he’s here, but he entices you with an offer to 1x open treasure chest in exchange for 3x Mysterious Conch. There are three chests here, and you can only pick one each day.

Genshin Impact Takashi Treasure Chest Mysterious Conch Bag Of Flower Seeds Guide 1

There’s just one problem: no one really knows if there’s a special reward at the end of this whole sequence. Likewise, I’m not yet sure if there’s a particular order that provides a shortcut of sorts (if ever there’s an important reward). For the past few days, I’ve obtained random loot such as vegetables, a measly bushel of wheat, and a Bag of Flower Seeds. This last one is actually a quest item, but I’ve yet to discover what it’s for. I did check, and it’s not possible to plant this via the Serenitea Pot’s gardening system.

In any case, I’ll continue updating this guide with additional details. Similar to the Tatara Tales quest, this one seems to be time-gated as well. Come to think of it, since the NPC for that quest, Xavier, is close by, you should revisit his area and Takashi’s every daily reset to continue your progress.

Update: It’s been confirmed that these treasure chests have a special reward if you keep opening them for seven days. You’ll be able to obtain the Hamayumi bow as well as a hidden achievement.

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