Genshin Impact: Blazin’ Trails domain Phantasmal Conch location

Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch Blazin' Trails Mirage Domain

The Blazin’ Trails quest in Genshin Impact reveals many secrets in Broken Isle and the Mirage Domain. One of these is an open chamber that has an important collectible. Here’s our Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide to help you find the Mirage Domain Phantasmal Conch for Fischl’s alternate outfit.

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Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide – Mirage Domain Phantasmal Conch location

To get the Phantasmal Conch in Genshin Impact‘s Blazin’ Trails Mirage Domain, make sure you’ve progressed further in the quest chain so that you have access to the upper levels. This is discussed in detail in our Frozen Soul Luxurious Chest guide, but here’s the gist:

  • Hit the nearby drum to create a bridge to Frozen Soul’s area.
  • Enter the door to the right to arrive at a worldspace with floating islands.
  • Reach the end and pass through the doorway.
  • Hit the drum to create a bridge and traverse it to return to the central area/pit. Hit the next drum there, too.
  • This will create another bridge that you can cross, taking you to a different worldspace.

In this new worldspace, head to your left as you make your way across gaps. Use drums and harps when necessary until you reach the larger landmass at the back.

Once you’re there, you can rotate/adjust the flowers prior to striking the harp. Your goal here is to have the flower pointing upward so that it creates a wind current that boosts you to the top of the rock formation. Alternatively, Kazuha can just use his elemental skill to get up there.

There’s a good chance that you’ve acquired several Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Impact already, enough to unlock Fischl’s alternate outfit. As of Day 3, there are 17 of these:

Gen Pct 28 Blzt Brk Phan Fsh 3

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