Genshin Impact: Thunder Sojourn — Weaving Lightning guide

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Weaving Lightning Event Challenge Guide

We’ve entered yet another phase in the Thunder Sojourn event. As usual, you’ll talk to Muzhen in Ritou in order to start it. Then, you’ll head to each marked location to defeat enemies, all while using buffs from purple crystals. Here’s our Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn guide to help you with the Weaving Lightning challenge.

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Genshin Impact – Thunder Sojourn Weaving Lightning challenge guide

The Thunder Sojourn’s Weaving Lightning challenge uses the Nimbus Gem mechanic (three purple crystals in the challenge marker’s area). You can be linked to these as long as you’re carrying an Electrograna or if you’re affected by the Electro element. The active character gains buffs depending on the number of links:

  • One link – Constant energy regeneration that increases if you’re linked to more crystals.
  • Two links – Increased elemental burst damage.
  • Three links – All abilities generate an AoE shockwave.

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Weaving Lightning Event Challenge Guide 1a

Needless to say, you’ll want to see three links as often as possible to fully empower your characters. The buffs will definitely speed up your clearing time.

Oh, and these links are also needed due to certain tasks (i.e., enemies killed) that net you rewards. The only downside is that, as the challenge marker moves around, there are some spots with fewer mobs. For instance, it could take you a couple of challenge runs until you see a bunch of hilichurls or treasure hoarders that are spawning.

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Weaving Lightning Event Challenge Guide 1b

In any case, you can complete the tasks (seen below) to receive primogems, mora, and Thunder Pellets that can be spent in the event shop. If you’ve already obtained the other items there, and if you managed to complete all the objectives in the Thunder Sojourn’s Weaving Lightning phase, you should have 1,000 Thunder Pellets to spare. All that we’re waiting for are the Thunder Crystals that will be introduced in the final phase in a couple of days. These will, finally, let you obtain your free Beidou.

  • Complete the Weaving Lightning challenge 1x/5x/10x.
  • Defeat 15x/30x opponents while linked to two Nimbus Gems.
  • Deal damage with AoE shockwaves 20x/40x while linked to three Nimbus Gems.

Gen Pct Tsojrev Weavltn Gd 1

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