Genshin Impact Version 4.1 introduces new characters Wriothesley and Neuvilette

Genshin Impact Version 4.1
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Genshin Impact Version 4.0 is coming to a wrap, and as always, a new major content update is on the horizon. The Genshin Impact Version 4.1 livestream premiered today, revealing all of the new features we can expect in the upcoming update. Players can expect to experience the game’s third anniversary, including special rewards and a new playable area to explore in Fontaine. But more importantly, players can expect to spend more of their hard-earned Primogems on two new 5-star characters: Wriothesley and Neuvilette.

In other words, we’re entering the husbando era of the patch, and I’m sitting here celebrating with an empty wallet. Neuvilette, a Hydro character, will be featured in the first half of Version 4.1 alongside Venti. Neuvilette is a powerful judge who oversees Fontaine’s judicial system as a high-ranking judge and has a major story presence in Fontaine. This Hydro Catalyst user will be best known for his unique charged attack, which unleashes a huge burst of water against enemies.

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What’s new in Genshin Impact Version 4.1

Wriothesley Genshin Impact

Image: HoYoverse

Wriothesley is our second newest character coming to the game, and he’ll be featured in the second half of the update with Hu Tao. Wriothesley is the scary jailkeeper of Fontaine, acting as a warden for the Fortress of Meropide, a location that jails deadly criminals. Wriothesley is a Cryo Catalyst character, and he’s a badass boxer with the combat skills necessary to subdue the rowdiest of criminals. Of course, these two characters will also receive their own featured weapons, which you’ll have to pull for separately.

Other updates include a continuation of the region’s Archon Quest, new Story Quests for our 5-star newbies, and new areas for you to explore within Fontaine. We’ll also fight some new bosses. participate in some more events, and celebrate the game’s anniversary, where players can get up to 20 free pulls to spend however they please. Check out the full livestream here for more details on the update. You can download Genshin Impact on its official website here.

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