Get Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle for free with this trick
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Get Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle for free with this trick

Pre-order? No, I don't think I will.

Pre-order bonuses are a point of contention among gamers, no matter the title. Ultimately, extras like this feed off players’ ‘FOMO’ as if a product is digital; it’s not like stocks can run out. Bungie has locked the shiny new Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle behind a pre-order of the Final Shape DLC for Destiny 2. Unfortunately for Bungie, Guardians are a clever bunch and have found a way to get around the DLC down payment. Here’s the scoop.

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Get Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle for free with this trick

Players are pre-ordering the Final Shape, getting the Tesselation Exotic Fusion Rifle, and then refunding the pre-order. This method gives access to the weapon early and for the sweet price of free.

Luckyy 10P, a prominent figure in the Destiny space, tweeted about the pre-order situation. He says he does not encourage it, but the replies offer more than enough confirmation that this indeed works.

The funniest part about this situation is it happened with the recent Lightfall DLC as well. Multiple Guardians reported obtaining the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle in a similar way. The replies confirm this trick works on multiple platforms. It will be interesting to see if Bungie lets accounts that abuse the system keep their new guns.

Is my account at risk for doing this?

Ultimately, Bungie has the final say on what punishments (if any) will be handed out. I doubt anything will happen as players aren’t breaking the Terms of Service by canceling a pre-order. Bungie has let plenty of things like this slide in the past, too. Destiny 1 players may remember the ‘loot cave’ glitch that gave Guardians broken amounts of gear. Similar exploits have led to bans and penalties in other games, but Bungie patched the ‘loot cave’ quickly with no further action. Fingers crossed, they do the same again.

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