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Get Fez free on the Epic Games Store, Celeste next week

It's the hat.

The Epic Games Store is giving away another free indie game this week, and this time it’s Fez. The action platformer has likely ended up in your collection some time since its release in 2012. But if you don’t have a copy of it yet, now is your best chance. Next week, the Epic Games Store will feature a free copy of Celeste — another, but more modern, indie darling.

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Fez stars Gomez, a fez-wearing marshmallow man with the power to shift dimensions. This, despite the fact that the game is a fully 2D platformer. You control the space around you, shifting the world on its y-axis in order to access new areas. It was a clever little game, made famous by maximizing the most amount of space in a single screen.

The game was the swan song of its creator, Phil Fish. An indie developer, Fish rose to prominence in 2012 following a short role in Indie Game: The Movie. He later released Fez to critical acclaim. However, Fish had a beef with the gaming community at large. Not afraid to speak his mind, some people clashed with him on Twitter and other social media hubs. He later announced his exit from the development world, canceling Fez 2 in the process.

I was quite the saga. But Fez is still around and a lot of fun to play, even if we won’t have Fez 2 in the foreseeable future.


The Epic Games Store will be back with more free indies next week. Starting on Aug. 29, you’ll be able to grab both Celeste and Inside. Celeste has been critically acclaimed since its release last year. Inside, from the makers of Limbo, was also a hit when it launched in 2016.

To get Fez and prep yourself for more games next week, all you need to do is head to the Epic Games Store.

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