Tropico 6 The Llama of Wall Street

Tropico 6, the Banana Republic city building game, received its first DLC and a new update today. Developed by Limbic Entertainment and released earlier this year, Tropico 6 has already seen several free content updates this year. Now, The Llama of Wall Street DLC sees El Prez doing his best Leonardo DiCaprio impression, while the Seguridad Social update adds some other free content for aspiring dictators.

The Llama of Wall Street

The new DLC, The Llama of Wall Street, offers up some new market options for Tropico 6 players. You can now manipulate the stock market via the Trade Institute building. For example, your dictator can micromanage the economy by adjusting the trade value of various goods such as shellfish, tourist fees, or your valuable uranium.

New events are also available. Greased with Arabian Oil slaps you with heavy tariffs on goods traded with the USA and the Middle East. The Brink of Chaos will inflate the value of weapons, steel, canned goods, and other products that tend to have a high demand among the preppers out there. It looks like El Prez can now take advantage of looming wars.

Tropico 6 The Llama of Wall Street

Check out the other features coming to Tropico 6:

  • Enjoy a new mission, The Llama of Wall Street.
  • Build new buildings like the Trade Institute, Toy Workshop, and Smart Furniture Studio.
  • The economy can now see price fluctuations, trade impacts, and trends.
  • Random events will impact the global market.
  • There are new customization options for El Prez and his palace.

Seguridad Social

Seguridad Social is the seventh free update for Tropico 6 and adds quite a few things. There is a new Warehouse building where you can store goods until the selling price is good enough, which will work perfectly with the new DLC. The Social Security edict allows students and retirees to receive money from the government. And there is even a new sandbox map, Rio.

For more on Tropico 6, make sure to check out our review. And if you’re already enjoying the game, you can pick up The Llama of Wall Street on Steam for $8.49.

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