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With how well Ghostrunner sold, it was inevitable that the parkour ninja antics on display would eventually lead to a sequel. Ever since, details have been much like a ninja — hiding in the shadows and waiting to strike. But with the recent Ghostrunner 2nd Anniversary stream, some light was shed on the next game. Unsurprisingly, the title was revealed as Ghostrunner 2, and it will include more of the fast, frantic action that led to the first title acquiring such a passionate fanbase. I can’t help but look forward to spending more hours cursing at my screen due to my copious mistakes.

Ghostrunner 2 is set to launch in 2023’s last quarter, so we won’t be able to get any hands on it until the holiday season. The stream promises that the game will be an evolution of the first, before showing off concept art for locations and enemies. The game will apparently be bigger and have a larger focus on narrative and characters. Whether this means that the game will have an open-world flavor or simply have larger, more expansive levels remains to be seen. But that also means that snipers will be able to one-shot you from further away, so I’m getting semi-angry just thinking about it.


Run to the hills

When I reviewed the original game back in 2020, I was impressed by the movement and action, but I had concerns. I felt some aspects of its Hotline Miami-esque design didn’t work as well in first person due to the lack of being able to constantly keep eyes on enemies. I was more favorable to the game’s DLC, which introduced an awesome second playable character with a fun leap attack that did a great job of changing up the gameplay.

We can only hope Ghostrunner 2 offers more of the same thrills when it eventually releases in a year now that it’s been revealed. Check out the stream below to see the details for yourself.

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