Ghostwire: Tokyo gets an exciting new gameplay trailer

Ghostwire Toyko Trailer

The streets of Japan’s largest city are about to get more dangerous, as we got a new look at a trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo, the upcoming game from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. The developer and publisher have previously worked together on the two The Evil Within games, so it’s exciting to see what they’re cooking up. The trailer was shown during the PlayStation Showcase 2021, but not to worry, the game will be coming to PC as well sometime next year. There’s no word on Mikami himself being involved in this one, though, so classic Resident Evil fans shouldn’t expect to see his trademarks pop up.

Ghostwire: Tokyo unsurprisingly takes place in said city. In it, a disaster emerges that causes most of the city’s population to vanish and strange creatures now walk the streets. Some of those left behind find themselves with magic abilities that they can use to fight back against the onslaught. It’s not clear what exactly is going on, but a group wearing Hannya masks is tied directly to the goings-on, and it’s up to the player to fight their way through the streets in first-person to get to the bottom of everything.


Ghostwire: Tokyo gets a trailer showing off its first-person action

This is Tango Gameworks’ third game, following the two The Evil Within games that launched in 2014 and 2017, respectively. The studio was founded by Shinji Mikami alongside around a dozen others. When they started having financial trouble with their game, Bethesda extended a hand and the studio was promptly acquired by their parent company.

You can see the trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo below. It includes both cinematic footage and plenty of actual gameplay, which shows the main character shooting spiritual attacks at folklore-inspired monsters on the streets. It’s looking like a highly compelling title, so you can be sure we’ll have more for you once the information shows up.

Ghostwire: Tokyo recently got hit by a delay, but it will be out early next year.

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