Gloomwood Delayed By A Few Weeks

Gloomwood has been delayed a few weeks, but Malcolm McDowell says ‘you can wait’

It's almost here.

Gloomwood is a dark and stealthy horror first-person shooter inspired by games from the ’90s. Its blocky art style and Gothic environments quickly bring to mind games like Nightmare Creatures, and it’s likely been on the radar of shooter fans for a few years now. Unfortunately, the developers of Gloomwood have now announced a short delay to its early access release date, courtesy of actor Malcolm McDowell, but it should hopefully be worth the wait.

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In a post on the official Steam store page for Gloomwood, the developers explain the reasons behind the brief delay. It reads: “Hello patient denizens of Gloomwood, I bring a bit of news. Due to some unforeseen game development issues that have cropped up over the last few months, as well as several of our developers falling sick to (COVID) we’ve made the decision to push back the Gloomwood Early Access release date. But only by 3 weeks. To September 6th.”


The developers continue by saying, “extra time will allow us to make sure all these issues are sorted, add extra polish, and give some space to the major update for one of our other games, ULTRAKILL, which is now releasing its second act on August 16th. As you may know, we here at New Blood hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and Gloomwood is no exception.”

A promising throwback

Delays to video game release dates caused by the impact of COVID should be nothing new at this point. Thankfully, the delay to Gloomwood is a short one, so fans will be able to get their hands on the Steam game without too much more waiting.

Gloomwood appears to be a promising new indie game this year. It boasts a hand-crafted city with the freedom to take different routes and hidden passages, as well as a stealth system that makes use of sound and light levels. Interesting weapons like a canesword, revolver, traps, and a harpoon rifle should add variety to combat as well.

Gloomwood will now be released on Steam early access on September 6.

Gloomwood In Game Map

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