Goat Simulator 3 Announced

Goat Simulator 3 announced with a new trailer, four player co-op revealed

I have a feeling things are about to get weird.

Coming in fall 2022, Goat Simulator 3 looks to be a strong return to form for Coffee Stain Studios.  The announcement of Goat Simulator 3 at the Summer Games Fest 2022 came with a rather interesting trailer. It opens with an unsuspecting man in headphones getting ready for a run. He begins his jog down the pier, and things quickly falls apart as goat mayhem breaks out behind him.  The man steps in a pile of goat… droppings and realizes the insanity behind him. The trailer ends with four goats staring the man down, leaving us to only imagine what happens to that poor soul.

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Classic Goat Simulator fun makes a return, as many of the gadgets from the prior game is featured heavily. You can see the jetpack, the laser eyes, goats headbutting a rag-dolling NPC into oblivion, and a goat-driven car. Set on the island of San Angora, you are able to team up with up to three additional friends to explore the island, and create chaos.


Same goat fun, new goat name

Fans familiar with the game know that there’s only one Goat Simulator. Staying true to form, Coffee Stain Studios is trolling us again, skipping the second iteration all together in favor of a much shinier number. Announced for fall of 2022, it seems as if the development cycle for the game was fairly short. While we don’t have a wealth of information, we can say that there is sure to be more news to come. Don’t be surprised if a DLC announcement comes before the game releases in another troll move!

The setting is similar to Goat City Bay, one of the original Goat Simulator maps. A very sunny, and vibrant landscape, with stylized art choices give this game a very light-hearted feel. This time around the developers have graced us with an actual ending, so expect to lick your way to a quite dramatic finish. The wait is not long as many will be eager to see what Coffee Stain Studios makes parody of next.

Exclusivity for goats?

Last we heard from Goat Simulator, there was a Steve-O directed musical announced in the same world. Now we know that Epic Games has locked up Goat Simulator 3 for PC. Players will be able to get multiple editions, such as the “Pre-Udder” edition, which includes in-game cosmetics to doll up your goat. Players not so convinced can wait for the standard release and miss out on the cosmetics.

Goat Simulator 3 comes to PC this fall.

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