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Google Stadia has not exactly become a runaway success in the way that some of its competitors have. Many have taken issue with the device’s cloud service approach, and its launch back in 2019 soon become infamous thanks to a myriad of technical problems. Having said that, the device has received quite a few updates and new games over its run. Some have argued that these additions have made the Stadia a viable alternative to other gaming platforms. As reported by 9to5Google, one such update just recently dropped for Google Stadia, and it comes in the form of free trials for specific games.

Hello Engineer, a multiplayer spinoff game based on the Hello Neighbor titles, serves as the first Stadia exclusive to incorporate this new feature. Even if players do not have a paid Stadia Pro subscription, they can still check out this free trial for 30 minutes at most. For Hello Engineer specifically, once the free trial runs out, you can either purchase the game directly for $20 USD or get the Stadio Pro subscription to continue playing.


Where can players find the free trial?

Players can find the option to experience the free trial right “on the game’s listing page underneath options for Stadia Pro.” Upon beginning the trial, “players have access to the full game with the Stadia sidebar showing a countdown timer for how long the trial lasts.” Thankfully, the game saves any progress made during the trial, so if players decide to purchase the full game, they can continue right where they left off.

The addition of free trials to Google Stadia is certainly a welcome one, as it will allow consumers to make fully informed purchasing decisions more easily. Regardless of whether or not the Stadia serves as a worthy competitor in today’s gaming market, but the incorporation of user-friendly features like this is worth celebrating.

Google Stadia free trials Hello Engineer

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