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GRID Legends hits the pits with its first patch

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GRID Legends recently hit the track a few weeks ago. Codemasters’ latest project has been relatively well-received, offering a pretty decent circuit experience that fits smoothly into the “simcade” sub-genre of racing titles. Now, it’s getting a little more fine-tuning with the release of its first patch (version 1.06). In this update, Codemasters has wiped some bugs of the windshield, tightened a few screws, and made refinements to the drivetrain. In other words, this patch provides a lot of bug fixes and gameplay improvements to GRID Legends.

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Some things to look for in this patch include the ability to disable vehicle upgrades in the Race Creator mode, and fixes to the “Clean” & “Respray” toggles in the car selection menu, game crashes, and audio. The patch also brings online improvements for smoother gameplay, refinements for some objects and tracks, and the addition of a dynamic resolution option when Vsync is disabled. These are just a few highlights from the extensive patch list.


Some fresh oil for the engine

Codemasters’ return to form has led to GRID Legends receiving more praise than its controversial predecessor, GRID (2019). As critics have pointed out, the experience feels closer to the good old days, with modern quality-of-life enhancements.

As we mentioned in our own review of the gameGRID Legends doesn’t seek to compete with the likes of larger sim racers like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, with the latter being inundated with a fanfare of rave reviews after its recent release. And yet, GRID Legends holds its own by playing to its strength of offering a more casual-friendly circuit experience, allowing it to nail it’s assignment.

The race is just starting for this title, after all. Codemasters will release various bits of DLC over time, leading to this package getting bigger and potentially better as time goes on.Grid Legends Review Pc Lotus Track Day 1

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