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I love the forest. And the woods. In fact, I’m huge on going out to a very remote spot near where I live and plopping down in the middle of the wilderness, a good 30 minutes away (at least) from any type of reception on my cell phone. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and refreshes me every time I go out.

I’ve got a feeling that if I had to gather supplies all day to prepare for the nightly attacks from monsters, I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much, though. I guess you’ll get to figure it out soon, after you win your Steam copy of Grimmwood.

About Grimmwood

Grimmwood is a social multiplayer survival RPG where you must work together to survive the terrors of the night. You must coordinate and strategize with up to 39 other real-life players to gather food and supplies to bolster the defenses of your village for the monsters that come lurking every single night. Craft items, weapons, and defenses to gain the upper hand and help each other live another day.

Newly added to the game is a Blitz Mode, featuring quicker gameplay for 10 players, perfect for those that don’t have the will or wits to eke out a living with a 40-player village. With shorter day-night cycles and options optimized for fewer players, this is the perfect way to get in on the action without letting down a whole community — something I do on a daily basis.


  • Local map markers to create specific routes
  • Move directly on the Global Map (as an alternative to the Local Map movement)
  • Monsters drop loot and are fully animated
  • Terrain-specific sound ambience
  • 40 players per village in normal mode
  • 10 villagers in Blitz Mode
  • The different weapons have special effects during night attacks

How to win

For your chance to win, use the widget below to tell us your job in the newly-founded village. Much like here at PCI, my primary job in the village is to stand in the corner and look pretty in case any evil-doers try to attack. I don’t do a very good job, unfortunately, and we do get attacked quite often. Guess I’ll just have to get prettier, somehow.

We have five Steam keys, which will be given to random winners on Thursday, September 13.

Grimmwood is available now on Steam. And head over to Destructoid for more chances to win a copy!

Win a Steam key for Grimmwood

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