Grounded Update

Grounded is the latest big release from Obsidian that’s all about shrunken survival. The developer announced the next update today and there’s a lot to cover. While previous updates introduced things like Koi ponds and even more spiders, this one seems more tame. The 0.6.0 update for Grounded will give players three new creatures to contend with and a ton of craftables.

First off, players will have new neighbors in the yard in the form of three new flying insects. Mosquitos are the first, and while it’s not clear if they’ll want to gobble up players, they love aphid honeydew. Fireflies are the next creature to be introduced, and will certainly be passive. In fact, they serve as a beacon for players, leading them directly to water droplets. Finally, Grounded is introducing bees as the other bug in its latest update. While those black and yellow balls of fuzz may look innocent in the sky, they’re also holding a valuable resource – pollen. To get it, players will have to attack the bee, sparking a fight with the usually passive creature.


New creatures mean new resources, and new resources mean new craftables. A host of new armors and weapons are making their way to Grounded with this latest update, along with some aesthetic items. Bees can be killed for their parts to make bee armor, while fireflies can be used to make headlamps. Bee stinger spears and mosquito needles are also available to give players an edge in the yard.

Quality of life in the backyard

Naturally, update 0.6.0 also introduces a host of quality-of-life changes that everyday Grounded players should love. One of the major changes in this field has to do with inventory space. Players should now notice that their equipped items no longer take up backpack space, freeing up at least a few precious slots. For more death-prone players, the game will no longer make you lose all of your equipped items when you die. Instead, they’ll stay on your person, making the trek back to your backpack that much easier.

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