Gta the trilogy update graphical fixes rain

GTA: The Trilogy cursed us with its bug-ridden mass months ago, receiving a few updates before they dried up in short order. But finally, the game received a new update today with a huge number of improvements and fixes across all three titles in the collection. Realistically, this probably won’t put much of a dent in the laundry list of issues people have with it. But I’m glad to see the game hasn’t been abandoned. Still, it’s rather curious that such a high-profile slip-up would go this long without getting more updates in the nearly three-month gap between patches.

Probably the largest of the fixes on offer here is the fact that performance across the board has improved. The patch notes say that performance on all platforms has been increased, alongside fixes to stability, problems with retrying missions from checkpoints, collision issues, and problems with signs and textures. It’s hard to say just how much the performance will increase, but hopefully, this will make it easier to hit high framerates on PC. The lion’s share of the patch’s improvements are down to changes in the individual games.


A wild GTA Trilogy patch appears

All three games have received improvements, but this patch has a great many more fixes for various bugs and issues. Improvements for GTA III include granting players the ability to do a partial sprint when tapping sprint, as well as improved collisions in many of the game’s areas. GPS functionality during Vigilante missions should now be better, as well as camera behavior when using the sniper rifle. For Vice City, there are fewer major corrections, but there are more collision fixes and updates to poor textures. San Andreas, on the other hand, has had the high fade haircut improved, as well as improvements to the first-person viewpoint in specific cars.

Check here if you want to see the full list of fixes.

Gta Trilogy remaster update graphical fixes rain

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