Gtfo Rundown

The developers at 10 Chambers Collective have an interesting system in place for their Early Access shooter GTFO. With it, the game will consistently change up the territory that players battle in, keeping it loaded with fresh content. The developers call this system “The Rundown,” and with it will come a number of consistent changes.

Here’s how “The Rundown” works

With the help of a countdown timer, GTFO players can see just how long they have in current levels in the action/horror first-person shooter. As time runs out, a new Rundown takes place, with older objectives done away with in favor of some new ones. They won’t be rotated, either — once an objective goes away, it’s gone for good. The video below provides a more detailed explanation of how this works.

Simon Viklund, a member of GTFO‘s development team, explained that the changes in the Rundown represent “an expedition into a different part of the Complex” each time around. This includes general objectives, monster populations, and even the environment itself. Each level will be “vastly different” and provide “diverse gaming experiences.”

The team considers the Rundown a testing system, with a “period of trials and experimentation.” These changes should appeal to the “hardcore co-op gamer crowd,” according to company founder Ulf Andersson.

The official GTFO game page has more details on how the game works. At the moment, it’s currently in Early Access on Steam, ready for players to test out. So if you want to give the Rundown a try for yourself, you certainly can. Its unpredictability factor should definitely make for some interesting times when it comes to mowing down monsters. And you might just recruit a few friends to come with you on the ride.

A full release date for GTFO isn’t available just yet, but it’s expected sometime in 2020.

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