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Sometimes, a game’s side characters or minigames can become so popular they change the trajectory of the franchise for good. This can come in the form of new spin-offs, or an increased presence in the main series. For The Witcher, this came in the form of Gwent, a card game within the universe that led to several standalone mini-games, spin-offs, and, now, a new upcoming single-player game codenamed “Project Golden Nekker.”

It’s unknown what “Project Golden Nekker” completely entails, but it will be a “captivating” single-player experience that is different from previous versions of the card game. Additionally, the game will be completely standalone. You won’t need to purchase anything else related to Gwent in order to understand or enjoy this version of the game.


A fan-favorite

Gwent originated as a minigame in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and was “invented by dwarves and perfected over centuries of tavern table play.” The game pits two armies against each other, where players act as leaders who treat the cards of the game as their forces. The minigame ended up becoming so popular, CD Projekt released a computer spin-off titled Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. This new project aims to appeal to a new set of players, as Gwent: The Witcher Card Game can lean quite competitively.

According to Gwent Comms Lead Paweł Burza, “It’s not another Witcher Tales [game] but something different. We’re aiming to provide a captivating single-player for players who prefer it over competitive multiplayer Gwent.” A developer update from Gwent World Masters #3 in December revealed the game’s esports finals would bring an official reveal for the upcoming game. The team also released a bunch of concept art for the game, which is in the art style of the card game. You can view the full gallery on the IGN news post and get a glimpse of future cards.

gwent new game

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