Halo Infinite prequel novel explores the story before the Chief got up from his nap

Halo Infinite Prequel Novel

The latest novel in the Halo series, Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, will be a prequel to the events of Halo Infinite. The Halo franchise has a long history of expanding into outside media to tell stories that we don’t get to see in the mainline game series itself. Halo novels have played a significant role in building out the extended Halo universe with prequels and side stories that add to the canon of events between the games.

Halo Infinite began with a cutscene of the UNSC Infinity being ambushed and defeated by Atriox and his Banished forces above Zeta Halo. The Master Chief was defeated and thrown into space where he became stranded for an entire six months. The Rubicon Protocol looks to be telling the events of what happened in those six months after the UNSC was defeated and Zeta Halo was shattered.


The official Halo Twitter account offers a brief description of what fans can expect from this new story written by acclaimed author Kelly Gay. It reads: “’Captain Lasky to all hands. Banished forces are present above the ring—repeat, Banished forces are between us and our target.’ Witness the devastating Banished ambush at Zeta Halo from a different point of view in Halo: The Rubicon Protocol on August 9.”

Filling in the gaps

For some eager Halo fans, this short description may not have been enough to get a sense of what the book will be like. Luckily, a more comprehensive preview of the first chapter has been revealed on Halo Waypoint. This will be the first of three previews that will be shared in the lead-up to the final release.

The preview follows Spartan Sarah Palmer and a group of other Spartans who are caught up in a deadly Banished attack while on the UNSC Infinity. Fans will be able to get their hands on the Halo Infinite prequel novel on August 9. The audiobook version will be read by veteran Halo audiobook narrator, Scott Brick.

Halo Infinite Prequel Novel

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