Halo Infinite Season 1 report

Halo Infinite and its free-to-play multiplayer have been in a rough spot since the game launched. Due to the persistent lack of fresh content and updates, players have begun to feel increasingly frustrated. Halo Infinite‘s developer, 343 Industries, is well aware of this as it tries to meet the expectations of the player base. Fortunately, 343 Industries’ latest Outcomes Report for Halo Infinite Season 1 has some uplifting information. This report contains information on the maps and playlists we’ll see when Halo Infinite Season 2 releases, as well as  developer responses to player feedback.

The report itself is very thorough and shows that 343 Industries knows these problems exist. It dives into a lot of things, including matchmaking issues in Ranked modes, accessibility options, problems with audio, and so much more. Season 1’s outcomes report is absolutely worth the read when you get a chance.


Outlining the problems in Halo Infinite

The report is dense with information regarding feedback, and there are certainly some interesting points to talk about. We’ll start off with accessibility and things the developer has picked up on. The report highlights three key points, which include auto-sprint, more color-blind settings, and an audio visualization feature. 343 Industries notes that these are currently being looked into. Though, no implementation dates are available for these additions just yet.

Halo Infinite Season 1 report

(Image credit: 343 Industries).

More specific points of feedback are included too, like the issues surrounding Big Team Battle. Criticisms of this mode range from problems with weapon spawns to vehicle drops. The report states that asymmetrical weapon spawns have been addressed in Season 2, while the problem with Pelican vehicle drops in Big Team Battle will be addressed in “a future release.” Jeff Steitzer will also return as the Medal announcer for BTB (there’s no one I’d rather hear “Overkill” from).

Matchmaking in Halo Infinite‘s Ranked mode remains a hot debate to this day. The outcomes report addresses issues surrounding grouping players by skill level, as well as clarification on how matches affect CSR. Work is ongoing to address the problems with grouping players of appropriate skill together. Unfortunately, no specifics were given on that front just yet. CSR was also briefly explained, but covered in more depth in an earlier blog post.

Additions to come in Season 2

While the report offers plenty to say on what will come to Halo Infinite in the future, it also announces things like the new multiplayer maps coming to Halo Infinite on Season 2’s release. These include Catalyst, a new Arena map coming to the game on May 3. Then there’s Breaker, another new map for Big Team Battle. At the moment, we aren’t certain what to expect from these maps, but any additions are welcome at this point.

King of the Hill and Attrition are on the way to multiple playlists too. This should help make rotations feel a little less monotonous in the long run. Beyond that, smaller fixes will arrive on May 3 which include the usual stability improvements and fixes for smaller problems that affect gameplay. While there isn’t too much more information on when to expect most things, it does signal something important. 343 Industries clearly wants to improve on the game, regardless of how long that takes. Halo Infinite and its Season 1 outcomes report shows that the developer is ready to solve some of the game’s biggest flaws.

Halo Infinite Season 1 report

(Image credit: 343 Industries).

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