Halo Infinite technical beta will focus on arena maps versus bots, and may start “as soon as next weekend”

Halo Infinite slayer playlist update

Developer 343 Industries promised to share more information on the upcoming Halo Infinite technical preview and, like Foe Hammer, it delivered. In the Inside Infinite blog post today, the company shed light on what the first beta will look like. Well, it might not be what fans expected. The Halo Infinite technical beta sets you in arena maps against bots. It will also include weapon drills for you to try out 12 new and familiar weapons. The beta is also sooner than you think, and could start “as soon as next weekend.”

To be fair, playing rounds against bots in Halo Infinite multiplayer does sound like a smart way to start. After all, bots are a new feature to the Halo franchise. No other game in the series has allowed players to side with or fight against these gun-toting drones, so it should be a good experience. Just don’t expect your matches to come close to the insanity seen in the Halo Infinite multiplayer trailer.  The Halo team is testing several areas with the beta, including arena gameplay against bots, the maps, the menu and UI, and the Waypoint experience on mobile.


Now, onto the slaying. During the upcoming Halo Infinite beta, you will experience four-on-four Arena matches against bots. The matchmaking will put you on a team of four other players, so don’t be concerned about having to join hands with any anti-fleshers. You’ll be playing the Bot Slayer game type on three available maps: Bazaar, Recharge, and Live Fire. The developer promises to keep things interesting by providing a “daily content offering that will evolve over the course of the flight (beta).”

Halo Infinite Technical Preview Beta Bots Arena Maps start

“I need a weapon”

In addition to bot matches, you’ll be able to run drills with some weapons in the Halo Infinite beta. The list includes the CQS48 Bulldog shotgun, the Plasma Pistol, the S7 Sniper, and the Skewer. There will be 12 weapons in all.

According to the blog post, the Halo Infinite technical beta could begin “as soon as next weekend.” However, we probably won’t know for sure until 343 announces start times. The developer did write that it will run a live stream just ahead of the beta for a walkthrough.

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