Be still my fluttering heart, Hatoful Boyfriend pillow covers are part of the Valentine’s Day Humble Bundle. We don’t always write about these because there are at least two per week and we’re pretty sure everyone knows about Humble Bundles now, but this reward tier is quite special.

Your pigeon dreams won’t necessarily come cheap, because you have to pay at least $35.00 USD to unlock the majestic 1.5 meter pillow case (and supply your own actual pillow,) but at least you’ll get a bunch of games with that money too. The pillow cover depicts Hatoful Boyfriend’s Ryouta in both his pigeon and human forms. The pigeon side is best, obviously.

As well as that incredible item of bed merchandise, the Valentine’s Humble Bundle includes a pair of visual novels from the Hate Story series, the perilous Long Live the Queen, and (if you pay $8.00 USD or more) Hatoful Boyfriend itself.

In traditional Humble Bundle style, you get to pay whatever amount of money you want – but paying under the average only gets you the default three games in the first ‘tier.’ You can also divide up your payment between developers, charity and Humble themselves.

A note on the pillow cases states: “Worldwide shipping is included! Because these pillowcases are being made to order, shipping may take a while but is expected to occur within 3-6 months for qualifying transactions. To help ensure this shipping date, you must provide shipping information through your download page before March 1, 2015.” So keep in mind that you probably won’t get it for a while.

Also, if, like me, you were tempted to sign up for the free Valentine’s Day cards because one of them appeared to have Doctor Shuu on it – do not be fooled. Only one of the printable cards is for Hatoful Boyfriend and it doesn’t feature Doctor Shuu. I’d feel ripped off, except I paid nothing for them.

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