Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour

Hellpoint guide: Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Other Black Hole Hour chambers

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There are two more Black Hole Hour chambers in Hellpoint. The good news is that these won’t require Eye Codes/towers at all. Let’s go ahead and obtain these secrets.

The Embassy

Pay attention to the silver circle in Hellpoint‘s HUD. That’s because this will always be at the 2 o’clock position in the Embassy zone.

Anyway, you’ll find the Black Hole Hour chamber in the spacewalk area where we found the Broken EVA Suit. Remember that part? You can’t go any further until you’ve found or crafted a fixed EVA Suit first. The fixed EVA Suit will allow you to spacewalk for longer periods without dying to the cold or radiation.

Hpoint Bhh Embassy 1

Once you’ve got that equipped, just traverse the area normally and go up the rail. You might also need to make a running jump, so make sure you’re not over-encumbered.

Hpoint Bhh Embassy 2

The Black Hole Hour chamber will be open if you went there at the correct time (there’s also a Daring Effigy nearby).

Hpoint Bhh Embassy 3

Inside this room are several “Iron Hands” (those creepy disembodied hands flailing about) and a couple of charred zombies. Take them out.

Hpoint Bhh Embassy 4

Climb the ledges and you’ll find the White Prophet Hand weapon, an Inselium ingot, and some axions.

Hpoint Bhh Embassy 5

Port Issoudun

Next, let’s talk about the Black Hole Hour chamber in Port Issoudun, one of the zone’s many secrets. Bear in mind that the silver circle for Black Hole Hour will be at the 7 o’clock position while you’re in Port Issoudun.

Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour Port Issoudun 1

Anyway, the doorway leading to this chamber is at the floor below the entranceway/tram area — it’s the door that says: “Danger.” Normally, you won’t be able to open this until much later in your Hellpoint adventure.

Basically, you need to kill Defas Nemundis (one of Hellpoint‘s main bosses) in the Arisen Dominion zone. When you return to that door in Port Issoudun, the Prodigal Spawn will be there and he’ll open it for you. Oh, and just to be clear, this is also related to the Prodigal Spawn’s sidequest.

Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour Port Issoudun 2

Let’s say the Prodigal Spawn has opened that door for you and the Black Hole Hour is active, go ahead and enter the chamber. Inside, you’ll spot several Sword Daemonettes.

Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour Port Issoudun 3

The room below, meanwhile, will have the floor drop from underneath you, and you’ll need to fight more Sword Daemonettes and Iron Hands.

Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour Port Issoudun 4

You can still climb back up top to grab the loot which includes an Axion Condenser, Foresight Channeler, and Sanity Puppet. Don’t forget that the hallway outside the chamber also has more stuff for you, including one that’s integral to the Prodigal Spawn’s sidequest.

Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour Port Issoudun 5

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