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Hellpoint: Guides and features hub

Hellpoint Guides And Features Hub

Hellpoint is an action RPG that’s heavily inspired by Dark Souls and a bit of sci-fi horror (think Event Horizon). You’re stuck on board the Irid Novo, a space station that’s orbiting a black hole, and countless monsters, demons, zombies, and other vicious entities abound. The goal is to escape — at least that’s how it seems to be at first glance — until you realize that something more sinister is happening. Here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.

Hellpoint: Guides and features hub

Official review Hellpoint has a lot of secrets, platforming, intricate level design, and battles. However, is the overall presentation, gameplay, and polish worth your while? Or is it far from the Souls-like offering you’d expect? Well, let’s find out.

Port Issoudun’s secrets – Port Issoudun is one of the zones in Hellpoint and it’s loaded with secrets.

Where to find an EVA Suit – The EVA suit protects you from the hazards of radiation, allowing you to explore areas that are guaranteed to kill you. Yes, you can go out for some spacewalking too.

Where to find Nervous Wiring – The Nervous Wiring is an extremely rare material that’s required for a quest item. In turn, this quest item is used to reach the game’s final boss.

How to get the Architect armor set – The Architect is a friendly character who seeks your help. You can also obtain his full armor set.

The Prodigal Spawn – This mysterious figure is tied to Hellpoint‘s final boss and a particular achievement (that’s currently bugged).

How to exchange boss fragmentsHellpoint‘s five main bosses all drop fragments of their souls when they die. You can exchange these for unique boss weapons and armor.

Black Hole Hour and Eye Codes – The game has its own “clock” denoting the passage of time and when some secrets (or deadly hordes) become available. You’ll also need to use certain “Eye Codes” to access the aforementioned secret areas.

The Interface and New Game+ – After reaching 100% data completion, you can battle the Interface, a deadly mechanical scorpion. Your encounter will eventually lead to the New Game+ mode.

The final boss and the true ending – There are a few steps that you need to take and all of these will lead you to another encounter with the vast expanse of space serving as a backdrop.

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Hellpoint is available via Steam. You can purchase the game for $34.99.

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